Logica COVID-19 FHIR Profile Library IG
0.13.1 - ci-build

Logica COVID-19 FHIR Profile Library IG - Local Development build (v0.13.1). See the Directory of published versions

Logica Comparison to E ICR

Explanation of Comparison

This IG consists of several FHIR profiles that describe data elements related to COVID-19. Some are based on US Core profiles and others are based on FHIR base resources. These profiles can be used in any use case where data are reported, transmitted, recorded, queried, validated, etc. The intention of this IG is to create a “library” of FHIR profiles that can be used for any use case such as case reporting, laboratory data reporting, transmitting data to a health information exchange, retrieving data from an EHR or other FHIR-anable source, etc.

A comparison was made between the profiles of this IG and the profiles of the Electronic Initial Case Reporting IG. The eICR (electronic initial case reporting) IG was created by the CDC.


The table below is a list of eICR profiles that were not used or modified by this (Logica COVID-19) IG, nor are there any plans to use or modify them.

- Profile name Profile name -
  Characteristics of Home Environment eRSD ValueSet  
  eCR Message Bundle Last Menstrual Period  
  eCR MessageHeader Postpartum Status  
  eCR Organization Pregnancy Status Observation  
  eCR PractitionerRole Reportability Response Communication  
  eCR Task eICR Processing Status Observation  
  eICR Composition eICR Processing Status Reason Observation  
  eICR Document Bundle Relevant Reportable Condition PlanDefinition  
  eICR Encounter Responsible Agency Organization  
  eICR Location Routing Entity Organization  
  eRSD PlanDefinition Rules Authoring Agency Organization  
  eRSD ValueSet Library    

Logica’s Condition based profiles vs. the eICR Condition profile

Logica uses US Core profiles (as much as possible and where applicable) as the basis for the profiles in this IG. The eICR IG produced by the CDC also did likewise. eICR created a profile based on the US Core Condition profile. Logica will therefore use the eICR Condition profile as the basis for any profile that would otherwise use the US Core Condition profile. By doing so, anyone using a Logica Condition-based profile will be compliant with both eICR and US Core within the context of the specific Logica profile. Use of the eICR-based Logica profile outside of its context does not comply with eICR. In other words, the Logica profile of COVID-19SymptomsPresent could only be used for COVID-19 case reporting and not for any other case reports.

The Logica profiles that are based on the eICR Condition profile are COVID-19SymptomsPresent, COVID-19SymptomsAbsent, and COVID18Diagnosis.

This rule will also apply in the same manner with profiles of the FHIR ServiceRequest resource; Logica will use the eICR ServiceRequest profile as the base of any profile of this kind. There are no such profiles yet.