Logica COVID-19 FHIR Profile Library IG
0.13.1 - ci-build

Logica COVID-19 FHIR Profile Library IG - Local Development build (v0.13.1). See the Directory of published versions

Patient Demographics and Vital Signs

Patient Demographics

For patient demographic data we recommend using the US Core patient FHIR profile, US Core Patient.

The following table shows which FHIR Patient resource element is used for each piece of demographic data as well as the LOINC code that defines each element. Note: Age is not an element in the FHIR Patient resource. It is typically calculated based on the date of birth and the current date.

Reporting form element Patient Resource element Corresponding LOINC code
Patient first name Patient.name(HumanName).given 45392-8
Patient middle name Patient.name(HumanName).given 52461-1
Patient last name Patient.name(HumanName).family 45394-4
Date of birth Patient.birthDate 21112-8
Patient Identifier Patient.identifier 76435-7
Age This is not an element in the FHIR Patient resource 30525-0
Sex Patient.birthSex(extension) 72143-4
Race Patient.race(extension) 72826-1
Ethnicity Patient.ethnicity(extension) 69490-1

Vital Signs

For vital signs data we recommend using the FHIR profiles that were developed by the HL7 FHIR working group. HL7 FHIR core Vital Signs.

For oxygen saturation via pulse oximetry data we recommend the profile developed by the US Core HL7 working group. Oxygen saturation in Arterial blood by Pulse oximetry. LOINC code 59408-5